quinta-feira, 22 de julho de 2010

Ready To Die : Beef References and Subliminal Disses

Dialogo A

Raekwon in Ice Water:
That's life, to top it all off, beef for white
pullin bleach out tryin to throw it in my eyesight

Notorious BIG in Kick the Door:
Fuck that, why try, throw bleach in your eye

Dialogo B

Nas in The Message:
Yo let me let y'all niggaz know one thing
There's one life, one love, so there can only be one King

Notorious BIG in Kick the Door:
Ain't no other kings in this rap thing
They siblings, nothing but my chil'ren
One shot, they disappearin'
It's ill when, MC's used to be on cruddy shit
Took home, Ready to Die, listened, studied shit
Now they on some money shit, successful out the blue

Trago mais dialogos nas proximas actualizacoes.Incluindo dialogos PAC-BIG,JIGGA-NAS,etc